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Adding the ability or Copy then paste photos?
Hey Admin,
              Just curious how do i add a picture into my post? Is there a more easier way like, copying a picture from another website<Ctrl-C> then in Post <Ctrl-V> to paste it onto the post. 

Adding ability to Post threads.
Hey Admin,
           Can you make it possible to add the ability to post New threads in [b]Perth - AMP - Advertiser & [b][b]Perth - FS - Advertiser[/b][/b][/b]
Since there are alot of places around Perth, it'll allow members here to Post their favourite place there that they wish to advertise and tell others personally. 

Activation E-Mail
New members, if you can't find your activation email in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder.
Tips on How to get your booking prioritized
Some tips on how to get your booking prioritized. Got this info from a few receptionist that i know so here we go.

  1. Read the advertising properly, understand the contents.
  2. Never ask redundant questions where the answer is already written on the advertisement.
  3. Make sure your name, phone number, etc is not listed on their or communal black books, group chat, for whatever reason it might be.
  4. If you using prepaid number, make sure your number is not already listed on their black, prepaid number got recycled very often and you have very high chances of using number that already have a very bad records.
  5. Never book using any uncertainty words like "are you available now", "now", or anything similar that sounded rude. book properly stating your name (can be an alias), the time, and for how long. When receptionist see this type of text they will reply you first over other type of text asking random/redundant questions, or want to book now (which is impossible) will be replied very late to accommodate those that texted properly.
  6. Never make last minute changes, if you do try to apologie and compensate them for the time.
  7. Be polite all the time to the reception and the girls, they can vouch for you and will bring you a long way. Some receptionist even give recommendation and prevent me from seeing girls that already have a lot of complains (Safe you some money). 
  8. This is optional, but i normally put "TC" at the end of my text. This identify myself because most receptionist know which forums most of the trouble makers are from. last i check "TC" is still not on their black books yet. Some people will said "I'll post a bad reviews on "whatever forum" and your girl wont get any customer" they take good notes on that.
A receptionist can handle phones from multiple bosses so never think that you only offended the receptionist for this boss not the others, the fact is she might be handling phone for that bosses too.

Enjoy and Happy punting!
Hotmail Account
We are having some difficulties with Hotmail accounts and will resend activation email soon.
General Chat for each State

A suggestion, can we have a Thread for each state like General Chat for WA, NSW and etc so the main General Chit Chat doesn't clog up.

Talkin Club Awards Program (T-CAP)
Dear Talkin Club Members,

We are proposing some changes to TC, don't worry we are NOT putting up a paywall, as a matter of fact we are doing the opposite. We are currently floating the proposal to business owners to join our "Talkin Club Awards Program" or "T-CAP" and some have shown genuine interest in the program.

The program is all about giving incentive back to our members who have taken times to write reviews about their experience. Once we have enough participant from the business owner and enough interest from the forum members we will start the required enhancements.

What is the proposed changes?
  1. A new category will be created "Talkin Club Awards Program" inside this category there will be sub-categories using the business name as the category name, for those businesses who participate in the program.
  2. When you submit a review under these categories, there will be a field for you to put in the last four digit of your phone number. This field will be hidden from all the member but will be visible to the business owner.
  3. Once you have submitted the review, send the link using the same phone number to the same phone number when you make the booking. Make sure the last four digits of your phone number match the last four digits that you put in when writing the review. 
  4. The corresponding business owner will then verify the reviews, the verification does NOT based on good, neutral, or negative reviews, it is based on the sender phone number match with the number that make the booking and all phone number have matching last four digits.
  5. Once all verified, one point will be given, once you received your third points then you will receive a store credits that can be use to subsidized your punting fees at the same place. It is not usable for other places, each business will have separate point, meaning that points from place A can only be use at place A and cannot be use on Place B. How much store credit is still under discussion with owners and can be vary for each owner.
Keep in mind that neutral and negative review is a valid review and will NOT be use to deduct points or anything. 

What is the purpose of the program?
  1. To get more reviews on TC and to incentify members to share their experience here.
  2. Help owners to put their businesses on the map (get more exposures).
  3. Reduce potential bad punt for members by able to check reviews before make the booking.
So we are looking for a Yes or No if this is a good idea, and will you write more review if we implement this program?

Any feedback please post it here, and if business owner interested in the program please email we will contact you if the program getting enough support to move forward and the enhancement is completed.

Thank you,

TC Admin
Gentral chit chat and Tips, Bugs, Issues are open threads not members read only
Just wanting to open up what are the members feelings on this as only these 2 sections are open for the public to view eg non members so people can get a feel for the forum before joining. Are you guys happy with this or would you like the whole forum closed and only members can view any of it
Map Showing Shops Location
What do you think about adding a page showing a map of shops location?
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