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Tips on How to get your booking prioritized

#1 Lucifer
Some tips on how to get your booking prioritized. Got this info from a few receptionist that i know so here we go.

  1. Read the advertising properly, understand the contents.
  2. Never ask redundant questions where the answer is already written on the advertisement.
  3. Make sure your name, phone number, etc is not listed on their or communal black books, group chat, for whatever reason it might be.
  4. If you using prepaid number, make sure your number is not already listed on their black, prepaid number got recycled very often and you have very high chances of using number that already have a very bad records.
  5. Never book using any uncertainty words like "are you available now", "now", or anything similar that sounded rude. book properly stating your name (can be an alias), the time, and for how long. When receptionist see this type of text they will reply you first over other type of text asking random/redundant questions, or want to book now (which is impossible) will be replied very late to accommodate those that texted properly.
  6. Never make last minute changes, if you do try to apologie and compensate them for the time.
  7. Be polite all the time to the reception and the girls, they can vouch for you and will bring you a long way. Some receptionist even give recommendation and prevent me from seeing girls that already have a lot of complains (Safe you some money). 
  8. This is optional, but i normally put "TC" at the end of my text. This identify myself because most receptionist know which forums most of the trouble makers are from. last i check "TC" is still not on their black books yet. Some people will said "I'll post a bad reviews on "whatever forum" and your girl wont get any customer" they take good notes on that.
A receptionist can handle phones from multiple bosses so never think that you only offended the receptionist for this boss not the others, the fact is she might be handling phone for that bosses too.

Enjoy and Happy punting!
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