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Poll: Do you want parts of Talkin Club open to non members

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Gentral chit chat and Tips, Bugs, Issues are open threads not members read only

#1 Miss Monique
Just wanting to open up what are the members feelings on this as only these 2 sections are open for the public to view eg non members so people can get a feel for the forum before joining. Are you guys happy with this or would you like the whole forum closed and only members can view any of it
#2 Happy2
My humble opinion The more access the better You want new members to get a feel for the place and secrets and exclusion may make it seem cliquey Just my my Umble opinion your Fangness
#3 dean3030
We are having trouble with not many joining so maybe we should go down this road, they might then get a feel of what we are about and then join. It really can't hurt can it!
#4 Ranjeeh
Only to allow access to areas that do not contain specific information on establishments, ladies or members. Whilst posts about places would probably not be considered evidence in the legal sense, I'd hate to think that nasty council inspectors could get any intel on places from here.

Perhaps we could even have a basic access and an elevated (or should that be lowered :-)) membership level?

The latter idea I've seen used on other forums to monitor behaviour and also to provide an incentive for posters to improve the quality of their posts if aspiring to full/elevated membership..
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