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Talkin Club Going Secure

#1 admin
Hi All, 
Some of you might have noticed the green padlock symbol just before the URL on the address bar, and the https instead of http.

This change because Talkin Club now enforced a secure connection between our member and server.
Our member privacy is very important to us therefore we deploy a secure connection between our server and our member.

On the down side, on some of the thread there will be a notification informing you that mix connection warning, or unsecure content are served on a secure server or something like that (cannot remember the exact warning) this is due to image link from other website that is not enforcing secure connections being shown on our secure server.

One of the example if you go to Well Massage Roster sub-forum, somewhere on page 3 the green padlock symbol will disappear or  you might even warn that there is unsecured connection (Depends on what browser you use). This is OK the reason for this is that well massage posted the roster image using a link to Perth Encounters site which does not have a secure connection.

Please be aware only image from Perth Encounters shown in the post are not secured and encrypted. Everything else is secured and encrypted, hope this can give our member a bit more confident in our forum and we are working hard to ensure our member privacy!

Thank you and keep the talkin coming!

#2 Ranjeeh
Good move, something the old forum didn't progress.
#3 admin
Thx Ranjeeh...
#4 Miss Monique
Why the hell is anything being linked to PE given the behaviour and bizarre behaviour, not the mention the fake profiles etc as seen on Talking Sex. I am sorry but I will be part of anything associated to those crack pots and extremely disappointed in this. I will not be willing to mod any more or be part of this forum if PE are involved or linked. Please delete my account on here.
#5 admin
Hi Miss M,
Apologies for not being very clear on the matters, i can reassure you TC has nothing todo with PE ever!

What i meant is that some member posted a photo in here using PE link, which I disagree too but is hard to prevent but i will try to see if there is anything that we can do.

The link on the photo looks like this:

That means the user see the photo that is hosted on PE server and not ours.

On top bar if you click on add photo and put the URL in it and it will display photo from PE.

This feature not only available to PE but to any server that host pictures.

Please give me a few days, maybe there is something i can do to remove or prevent that from happening.

Hope this clear things up...


#6 Punkzebra
Hello, Please delete my account forthwith
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