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Advertiser Forums

#1 terrence
At the moment i totally skip the advertiser forums as I I go straight to the state forums.

To ensure advertisers posts are being viewed and that they get good value for their advertising dollars, I suggest creating a pinned post in the relevant state forum titled "XX Parlour - Current Roster". 

Eg in the WA Forum create a post called "Well Massage - Current Roster" and pin it so it stays on top of that forum. all you need to put into this post is a link to the relevant advertiser forum.
#2 Miss Monique
Hi thank you for your feedback
Here is totally free for both industry members and punters we do not have paid advertising in any form no profit is made from this forum at all. We felt its more about sharing of information and what better advertising than word of mouth.

This forum came about with the announcement of Talking Sex forum closing it was formed my the members of TS for the members.
The man who set up here works full time has an IT background and I am a industry person I don't work much these days, I all so manage a cafe and have a young family so both us admins do what our time allows. I hope that answers some things for you
#3 admin
hm... good idea... we would consider the suggestion... thx...
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