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Add description to the end of Site Title

#1 terrence
Hi Mod,.just want to say this is a good site and heading in the right direction.   I would like to suggest adding a description to the site title so that the forum will come up in searches.  

Eg instead of just "Talkin Club", update the JavaScript/html so the title of this site becomes "Talkin Club - Australia Sex Forum" Or something along those lines so if anyone searches for Australia and Sex, there's a higher chance they will come across this site.
#2 Miss Monique
Hi Terrence welcome hun yes great idea hopefully the admin man will see your post soon and take this on board. He has the knowledge when it comes to the it side of things
#3 admin
Hi All,
i am back... we do consider to make the site more search engine friendly... however we would like to make it a little bit hidden as well...
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