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Tips to post on thread and Add Attachment

#1 admin
Hi All, 
Attached is some tips on how to add attachment for new post on thread.
Advertiser, please have a look on how to add attachment on your daily roster update.

Any question please feel free to post here...


Attached Files

.pdf   Update Post With Attachment.pdf (Size: 173.94 KB / Downloads: 75)
#2 rickjames
Admin have you put the word out to other members from talkinsex about this new forum?
#3 admin
Hi rickjames,
yes we have softly mention it on Talkinsex and also Miss M and other member has mention it as well... However it seems to attract a little aggression from member of other forum so i didn't really mention it anymore.

but you are more than welcome to let the talkinsex member know, but be prepare for the aggressive reply from certain member of that forum Shy
#4 rickjames
Okay it likes that Smile
#5 Miss Monique
Out of respect for TS and MAK here hasn't been talked about much and as for any aggression I would hope given the information that was provided to me over the weekend and the true identity reviled one would hope it has now stopped. I did send the a pm informing them I knew who they where.  And some comments in the chit chat on TS have to be approved before being visible keeping the negative out. Given here is only a couple weeks old and how here is flowing the place will grow in it's own time. Thank you guys I know  few of you have mentioned Talkin Club.
#6 admin
Good to know its all good Miss M... Make love, not war... Big Grin
Was wondering given the cold weather this few days here in Perth... No one adventuring? Big Grin
#7 Miss Monique
We are having the same cold wet weather here in SA last week floods and some ares are on warnings for this week.
I guess the nippy weather people don't want to take their clothes off lol
I'm working today and have the electric blanket on and heater so it's warm and cosy
Bring on spring along with hot sweaty sex
#8 admin
Hm... Nice... But no sweaty pls... Hehehe
#9 Habibi
hey I'm here who else u need hahaha
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