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Some Pages not updating

#1 Ranjeeh
I've noticed that some of the pages are not updating to show the last message posted. I also think this is causing the new message 'alerts' to not always work.

Not a big issue, and probably one that will need drilling down to find. A couple of captures attached are not showing last poster correctly, however going to the next step in the directory structure it shows them correctly.

I can see why Miss Monique had problems uploading attachments, this is not the most helpful/intuitive forum software I've come across.
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#2 admin
Hi Ranjeeh,
Thank you for the feedback must have been because we've updated the software to latest version and didn't do a recount on the statistics... I think is fix now... but if you see something is not right please feel free to let us know...


#3 Miss Monique
Yes the attachments come out funny or perhaps it just me lol it's getting used to a diffrent set up
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